Born in Poland, 4 years before the fall of the Berlin Wall. I grew up in a country of contrasts: my hometown, Krakow, once the capital of The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, then under communist rule supported by the Soviet Union in the 1980s, it was the centre of metallurgical industry. This mésalliance meant that today an old castle, Habsburg fortresses, impressive cathedrals and a giant steelworks are now standing side by side. All of this has influenced my passions — I love to photograph contrasts, emptiness and authentic people in real life situations. It’s hard to get me to go into a studio or retouch photos, I prefer situational photography.

For years I’ve been involved in the Polish film & television industry (I work for Discovery Channel, among others). I like reportage, portraits and intimate photography — the last one in a next door girl style. I used to write a lot, but I noticed that with one good photo I can tell the whole story.

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